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  • Chris MacPhail
    Chris MacPhail3 napja

    Really glad to see VLDL partner with WoWS!! Love you both!! Hope to see more collaborations!!!!

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts6 napja

    I'd say the date got off with an explosive start.

  • LuftWaffe ME 109bf
    LuftWaffe ME 109bf8 napja

    cant watch a single historical or parody boat video without having that annoying game sposoring it like parasites . not talking about its sister tank one sponsoring every video with a tank on it . talk about agressive marketing

  • Bin Hong
    Bin Hong13 napja

    I wish there were missiles in WOWS.

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack Helicopter15 napja

    1:47 only in war thunder, world of warships just has a random value and hit points

  • Maga Land Bros
    Maga Land Bros18 napja

    i hope world of warships makes that ad

  • Why Try
    Why Try19 napja

    My favourite ad ever

  • Ramdan Random
    Ramdan Random20 napja

    wtf that's so seamless

  • Why Try
    Why Try21 napja

    Amazing acting!

  • Lemonsausage
    Lemonsausage23 napja

    wargaming sellouts.

  • tmzilla
    tmzilla23 napja

    POV: Vacationing in Guadalcanal, November 1942.

  • nazirul naim
    nazirul naim24 napja

    They were at Leyte Gulf Just at a wrong time.

  • genocide elites
    genocide elites25 napja

    Actually nice advertisement.

  • Pam Laufeyson
    Pam Laufeyson26 napja

    Never thought this would be the VLDL video I can relate to the most, but then a few days ago our town's fertilizer plant (after poisoning us for decades and having multiple security issues during the years) had a "little oopsie". Nothing major, just an explosion that was visible, heard and felt even from 7 km away where I live. And then came the official statement the next morning saying the population is not in any kind of danger and everyone should calm down, there's literally nothing to worry about, it's not a big deal. I mean sure, if the whole thing blew up it would ONLY obliterate the whole town in like a 10+ km radius (if not more), nothing to panic about really. Our politicians are such Bens. :)) Anyways, at least I have you guys to watch and distract me from sitting on a ticking time bomb. Thank you for all your awesome work and always cheering me up during though times. Big love from Transylvania!!

  • Marcelo Gonzalez
    Marcelo Gonzalez27 napja

    What is she complaining about? She only has 2 weeks left to live anyways.

  • Darxus Outside
    Darxus Outside28 napja

    I played World of Warships for a while. Started getting pretty into it. Then I realized just how hard they work to suck all the joy out of the game, and every possible penny out of your pocket. Like you just can't consistently play the higher tier ships without paying real money for it, because you don't get enough income for upkeep. I'm so glad I managed to quit it.

  • Gwydion Saxelby
    Gwydion Saxelby29 napja

    I dont understand how people are liking what was clearly a total sellout

  • Pope Todd
    Pope Todd29 napja

    I want a holiday like that so I can send my old roomate.

  • Dji gurda Jdi druga
    Dji gurda Jdi druga29 napja

    A normal day at the Black Sea.

  • Nanyu Busnis
    Nanyu BusnisHónapja

    Please tell me this is their official commercial.

  • alralfhszhian Lim
    alralfhszhian LimHónapja

    hammish wife really left him for good sadge.

  • 3KBS Channel
    3KBS ChannelHónapja

    I don't know where you're getting lost in the sentence. It's just BAD WEATHER. - Ben

  • Kurpshitsuji

    We not aiming that bad

  • IceFire Downunder
    IceFire DownunderHónapja

    I'm mildly upset there wasn't a crapload of fog horns firing off tho

  • ingeonsa

    That is a cool add

  • JDI

    Now that is an AD 👏🏻 (slow clap)

  • DarkofDutch

    Best Ad I've seen in a long time

  • Michelle Tuxford
    Michelle TuxfordHónapja

    Soon after this she reconnected with the fruit merchant and realised he wasn't a bad person, just a victim of circumstance and his own gentle nature. They started looting all the chests in the forest, were able to buy back their children and eventually bought a cottage, next door to the woodcutter and his family.

  • Sarkazmo Loafy
    Sarkazmo LoafyHónapja

    World of Pay to Win Bullshit...

  • Nippon Senkan Yamato
    Nippon Senkan YamatoHónapja

    As a WoWs player since the CBT, I approve. Excellent Skit

  • Bynk333

    Beach for holidays from a World of Warships? :-)

  • Why Try
    Why TryHónapja

    Wow, I'd like to see more of ads like this! It is brilliant!

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut ButterHónapja

    Ben breaks up World of Warships: This is how legends are made~

  • bodasactra

    That was me in the British battleship, I was aiming for that cheap German wine.

  • ibeedrago

    Nice. 🤣 That was a great way to promote a sponsor. Good job guys. 🤘😎 so much better than what most tubers do..

  • EnriqueRjr2000

    The choas

  • thesmokyunicorn

    "this is a good day for fishin'in" would have been the perfect end line guys ;)

  • X X
    X XHónapja

    Does he keep up the farce after she leaves? Or does he run too?

  • Marcelo Sandrini
    Marcelo SandriniHónapja

    Wow, THAT was a great ad!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Helzagore

    The best.. commercial.. EVER.

  • TheLizardKing

    Who down votes these vids maybe they just don't get them?

  • Condruz George
    Condruz GeorgeHónapja

    Its 4 in the morning,i cant sleep and i'm laughing my ass off at this,your videos are epic,keep it up guys!

  • MTK

    The best way to promote your sponsor 🤣🤣🤣👍

  • Armin Gips
    Armin GipsHónapja

    Yuck... World of Wartshit...

  • Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm
    Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby FarmHónapja

    She is funny. This is only the 3rd time I’ve seen her in a video but I remember her character. I think everyone likes her character.

  • H H
    H HHónapja


  • Mihai Rush
    Mihai RushHónapja

    me before battlefield 2042

  • Werewolf Master
    Werewolf MasterHónapja

    I love her in VLDL. Very talented actress

  • Visual of arts
    Visual of artsHónapja

    Nah, modern warship still better...

  • WJ ZAV
    WJ ZAVHónapja

    These ships must have REALLY shitty aim if they manage to hit the beach with no enemy being there and them being so far out.

  • Richie john
    Richie johnHónapja

    This is story about Taiwan :D

  • Sarom chhin
    Sarom chhinHónapja

    Hamish: Boy, that's me wife--apologize mate

  • Bryce Chadwick
    Bryce ChadwickHónapja

    I was hoping it was a cod wars one reference

  • Ceil Yurie
    Ceil YurieHónapja

    Best World of Warships ad...EVER

  • Rabbiturtacorn

    Yeah, we might be inclined if you guys didn't rip us all off with terrible events and horrid payment options.

  • Uros Popovic
    Uros PopovicHónapja

    You should have show Rhiannon being blown up, after she left Ben. She is such a graet prefomer, making her characters so irritable.

  • Grevier


  • trc trc
    trc trcHónapja


    JLX2EE GAMINGHónapja

    Now that was a good commercial

  • Matti Psycho
    Matti PsychoHónapja


  • Desert Jack
    Desert JackHónapja

    That woman is beautiful, respectfully. Granted you need to meet and get to know a person not just based on appearance. If only, perhaps an alternate dimension. Hamish doesn't realize what he has.

  • Skinnypete07

    Pandering much.....

  • André Barreto
    André BarretoHónapja

    Not a bad game.

  • José Andrés Ramírez Ochoa
    José Andrés Ramírez OchoaHónapja

    Battlefield is better

  • Gestumblindi

    Well... I really like VLDL, I like your work, and this video again is extremely funny and well made; still, I felt a tiny bit tricked at the end, as I realized that I didn't just watch a "World of Warships"-sponsored video, but that the whole video is in fact a very well made "World of Warships" ad. Well, I hope that at least you got more than the 1000 dollars for a "viral video" for it ;-)

  • EBFilmsMan

    I see she moved on from Hamish.

  • ImperialArmour

    What a simp.

  • ShadowHunter


  • why creepy
    why creepyHónapja

    F*** Samsu‌ng

  • SoulRiver Хранитель Небес
    SoulRiver Хранитель НебесHónapja

    it was the greatest date, but...

  • James Boyce
    James BoyceHónapja

    getting closer to doing world of tanks videos

  • Galavant

    I was actually thinking that this reminded me of that game from the start. well played

  • Wellorep

    I thought a zodiac was going to run up on shore and a dude with a level 3 helmet pops out running toward military.... but im not dissapointed.

  • schadowolf

    Outstanding! hehehe

  • chasen Lewis
    chasen LewisHónapja

    Can we have ben do wowp next?

  • HisServant77

    Missed opportunity: relationships born out of tragedy and adrenaline inducing situations seem to last! :-D

  • Spotcats

    Ahaha!! I was watching thinking.. man.. this is a lot like if you were on the shore in a game of warships. nail on head

  • Golden

    That so fucking dope best sponsor video I think ever xD

  • Dante9006

    Didn't she only have a few weeks to live?

  • Humble Bumble
    Humble BumbleHónapja

    Humans on the shore would be a great addition to WOW ... something to plink at ... plink plink!

  • Dragos Pop
    Dragos PopHónapja

    War Gaming be like - we have an amazing offer for you ! You can get this new, shiny, spanking warship or tank by playing just 27 hours a day for the next 30 days.And today is Mother's Day so we offer you these amazing 10 missions you can do today and they will only take you 11 hours. But you can surely spare 30 seconds to call your mom and tell her you wont be seeing her today because you are busy.

  • SpurnOfHumanity

    Not even Linus can do transitions that good... Oh wait

  • dickie Davies
    dickie DaviesHónapja


  • KzS_ Guenther_Luetjens
    KzS_ Guenther_LuetjensHónapja

    Really? You are making an ad for that unbalanced piece of s..t game??? I'll stopped playing it after 8000 battles. Wargaming balancing the balanced balance into a balanced balance piece of crap. The new cruisers air strike capability made it worse. Subs when come will make it even more worse. The half of the player base stopped after the damn CV rework and now the player base broke down, so the matches are running with bots now. It's messed up, guys, don't play it anymore. It started good after release years ago and now they try to squeeze out the last money of your pockets, after noticing 2 years ago, that they have buried the game with the CV rework. Now they'll try rise it from the death, but those vodka drinking, coke sniffing, prostitute parties making and crocodile taking programmers won't. Greetings KBYKM KzS_Guenther_Luetjens. I'll never return Wargaming. NEVER!!!!

  • Giova 2000
    Giova 2000Hónapja

    The song 🔥

  • Mark Simm
    Mark SimmHónapja

    euer erst werbung für WOWS sonst gut gemacht wie immer

  • D3

    when we gonna see Britt Scott Clark again? :(

  • Марат Альбертович
    Марат АльбертовичHónapja

    Картошка и сюда добралась

  • Random Guy
    Random GuyHónapja

    Most genius way of advertising.

  • Mister Angel
    Mister AngelHónapja

    I am dying from laughter here😆😂🤣👍👍

  • Archie Pina
    Archie PinaHónapja

    Best commercial ever!

  • Dj Ozi
    Dj OziHónapja

    she wans't dead though? :)))

  • Death squadron
    Death squadronHónapja

    Couple dating in hawaii circa 1941

  • JoezBro

    Well, at least she didn't get mugged...🤷‍♂️

  • michael soliven
    michael solivenHónapja

    Wow is this even an add that is fcking cool and funny at the same time gj ben

  • green black
    green blackHónapja

    I think that was Omaha beach?

  • Mountain LWolf
    Mountain LWolfHónapja

    Hmm, advert

  • Supermarine Spitfire
    Supermarine SpitfireHónapja

    Nice day for fishin', Ain't i-

  • profligatesoul

    So basically a 2 minute commercial.

  • MadDnD

    Your ads are the best